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so i definitely havent been on here for forever. im only here because myspace is being a bitch. lame.
but school is... school. nothing too special. yes, im still with alex. i love him.
im worried about one of my friends, though. and maybe even a little bit annoyed. shes getting into drugs, and brags about it all the time. its sooooo annoying. the first thing she said to me today was "omg i got soooo high this weekend". like i fucking care? ill watch her fuck up her life. whatever. but i love her. and people are stupid. and the only time shes smart about stuff is when shes with me. and even then, she smokes. ughhh. idk. sometimes it feels like im losing all my friends. it pretty much blows.

other than that, im fine.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY, MY LOVE! i brought her birthday breakfast this morning. it was cute.

hm. yeah. im done for now. maybe even for another month or so.
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